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Feast of St. Ann: - The Feast of St. Ann has a special significance for our College since our Founders, Carlo and Guilia entrusted the Institute to the protection of St. Ann - An Educator par Excellence. Our College celebrates this feast with great joy and cheer on 26th July every year. On this occasion, the staff and students greet the Sisters with sincere warmth and love with a well-planned programme; and a Dance competition for students is also organized to mark this auspicious day.

Friendship Day :- Friendship day is a much awaited day for students of the college. On this occasion students exchange greetings and friendship bands to express their love. A special assembly is conducted to seek God’s blessings, and a programme to depict the value of friendship and its importance in their lives.

National Festivals:- Independence Day - A national holiday... reminding us of its significance. The day starts with flag hoisting and it continues with numerous patriotic songs, skit, dance, speeches and PPT’s about great freedom fighters etc….are presented by the students to remind of the valour of our freedom fighters, brave men and women who inspire us to do our part for our country. Activities connected with a national heritage are also conducted during preceding week like collage, painting, rangoli etc., Gandhi Jayanthi, Republic day are also celebrated in the similar manner.

Teachers Day :- Every year Annites make September 5th the most beautiful day in the lives of teachers. Students honour their respected lecturers for all their efforts to make them vibrant and exuberant. It's a flamboyant day where lecturers are thanked and a programme is conducted to relieve them from their routine work and make them realize that they are most precious gifts to their students.

Ethinic Day :- It gives Annites a reminiscence of the rooted cultures, ethical values that we inherit from our birth and enhance from the society. Our college celebrates it in a very grand way and reminds us of our culture. Students come in traditional attire like Sarees, Gagras, Pattu Langa (Telugu) etc belonging to different states showcasing their culture.

Christmas Celebrations :- “Jesus is the reason of the season“. Christmas brings great joy and happiness to the Annites family. Students and Lecturers exchange their gifts with their Christmas friends with much affection and love.

Womens Day :- Every year the college celebrates Women’s day on March 8th. Extremists have shown that what frightens them the most – a girl with a book. The mission of our college is women empowerment – preparing them to play the important role of women in the society. Eminent women personalities/Entrepreneurs/Celebrities are invited as chief guests to address the students and inspire them with their success stories and experiences. Students come up with PPTs of women belonging to different walks of life who have changed threats into opportunities. 

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