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Sustainable Education: Aspire to bring a paradigm shift in educational culture and develop one which epitomizes the core principles of sustainable education so that students are in sync with social and ecological environment. 


Empowerment through Pedagogy of the Heart: Reaching out to the heart of the students to understand their deepest needs, accompanying them in their growth and make their potentials emerge and develop.


Responsible living through Preventive action: Preparing the students to face challenges and help them avert dangers through preventive actions.


Value Consciousness: Instilling values in students to develop a sense of self-respect and extending this consideration to others and nature.


Innovation and Recognition: Acknowledging and appreciating tangibly the various efforts taken by the stakeholders for the enhancement of teaching learning experience, research and innovation, creative activities and public engagement.


Collegiality: Engaging others with respect, openness and trust in pursuit of a common purpose having regard for individuals, ideals and the institution as a whole.

Excellence: Hone the skills of individuals in order to optimize their potential for the betterment of self and society.

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